Study Skills and Exam Technique e-book

Study Skills & Exam Technique E-book

Ever wondered why the same people always get the best exam results?

Is it simply because they are really clever?

No! The truth is that they have a really good study process. The good news is that ANYONE can learn to improve their study skills and exam technique.

     * Have you ever felt that you’re just not good at exams?

     * Have you ever worried about your exams? Or even felt scared?

     * Do you feel that nasty exam pressure and stress?

     * Do you hope that the exam goes well?

Most students answer yes to some or all of these questions and usually under perform in exams. Simply because their study skills and exam technique are lacking.

How do you become better at exams?

It all just comes down to how well you prepare. The exam is NOT the problem.

With a bit of help you can get good at this too. Imagine:

* How would you feel if you knew exactly what to do when studying and revising

* The feeling knowing that every single study session is bringing you one step closer to the grade that you want

* Going into an exam feeling almost certain that you will get the result you need

* Waking up on exam results day…and the moment when you see your grade and realise all the hard work has been worth it. It feels very very good.

It’s really not that difficult. And you have ALL year to get this right. Prepare properly i.e. improve your study skills and exam technique, and the exam almost becomes a formality.

The Exams Made Easy e-book shows you exactly how to do this. And the beauty is, these skills can be applied to ANY subject.

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So what do you get?

This e-book covers the 4 main areas:

Number 1 with circle around it     Mindset

self belief, motivation, positive mindsets, exam psychology, confidence:

  • With the correct thought processes you can enter any exam knowing that you are going to do very well
  • You will be very confident and possibly even looking forward to the exam
  • Learn how to remove exam and revision stress

Number 2 with circle around it Study Skills

summarising, recognition, concepts and key words, structure, variety, challenging yourself, how to use past papers, memory, different types of questions, stopping silly mistakes, problem solving:       

  • Save time by studying properly
  • Know your subject inside out with less effort     
  • Discover a few study “secrets” that enable you to answer any question
  • Working on a few key factors that are at the centre of any good study process
  • Learn how to be become good at problem solving
  • Have no more of those “exam blanks” where you just can’t remember
  • Stop making those “silly mistakes
  • Learn how to save marks rather than throw them away

Number 3 with circle around itRevision

revision stress, revision plans, how to revise (the 3 phases), more past papers, replicating the exam, last minute revision

  • looking at how to make the revision period less stressful
  • how to structure your revision and how to plan it properly
  • how to monitor your progress so that you know what to do and when to do it
  • looking at the different stages of revision over a period of a few weeks
  • trying to replicate the conditions of an exam, creating a bit of tension and pressure

Number 4 with circle around itExam Technique

more exam psychology, negative thoughts, exam confidence, getting into the zone, warming up, last minute nerves, composure, decision making, timing

  • what to do the night or morning before an exam
  • looking at a few more exam myths to remove any negative thoughts and fear 
  • how you should approach the exam mentally and the frame of mind you need to be in
  • looking at remaining calm and making good decisions
  • how to structure your time during the exam and what you must do at the start and end


the whole book summarised in 8 pages so you can quickly get the main concepts at a glance.


Don’t accept your current grades, don’t wait any longer and cause yourself anymore worry. You can take the first step towards improvement today. It is easier than you think.

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